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Preventive Measures to Reduce Perth Crime

by | Apr 21, 2021 | News | 0 comments

recent report conducted by Ipsos, in partnership with a real estate listing site, found Australians overall ranked safety and security as the most important factor when deciding where to settle down.

In Perth, in particular, 72 per cent of those surveyed ranked feeling safe as their top consideration. The city also ranked second when subjects were asked in which city they were happiest to live in.

Perth is emerging as one of the most captivating and growing cities in Australia. It is growing rapidly in terms of economic prosperity by having potential investors in minerals, tourism and hospitality, energy, education and agriculture; thanks in part to its proximity to Asia.

The city is in the period of creative innovation, exciting expansion and increasing cultural diversity.

Top 10 Safest Suburbs in Perth

That said, local officials are making safety and security their top priority. They aim to create a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and study for everyone.

Known as “The Lifestyle City,” going to a festival or concert, late-night shopping, bars and nightspots and attending sporting events is not a concern because the City of Perth has many safeguards in place such as patrols by police, strategically placed CCTV cameras and other security systems to make sure everyone has a secure and delightful time.

To give you a better idea about security conditions in Perth neighbourhoods, here we have the top ten safest suburbs as summarised from latest reports by the WA Police Force.

  1. Dalkeith (4,260 residents): 31 incidents
  2. Floreat (7,228 residents): 63 incidents
  3. Lower Chittering (1,559 residents): 14 incidents
  4. Leeming (11,091 residents): 102 incidents
  5. Iluka (4,558 residents): 42 incidents
  6. Menora (2,675 residents): 25 incidents reported
  7. Daglish (1,496 residents): 14 incidents reported
  8. Kingsley (13,220 residents): 127 incident reports
  9. Wembley Downs (5,882 residents): 58 incident reports
  10. Duncraig (15,022 residents): 155 incident reports

Dalkeith has the lowest crime rate and is one of the safest suburbs to live in with 0.7% incident reports per 100 residents, followed by Floreat, Lower Chittering, Leeming, Iluka, Menora and Daglish with 0.9% incident reports per 100 residents

The offence rate per 100 residents is calculated using the formula: number of offences divided by the number of residents.

Top 10 Least Safest Places in Western Australia

Of course, we cannot recognise the best without reporting about the worst neighbourhoods to live in. Here is the list of suburban areas with the highest reported crime rates.

  1. Midvale (1,517 residents): 241 incident reports
  2. Burswood (2,030 residents): 309 incident reports
  3. Perth (WA) (9,237 residents): 1,332 incident reports
  4. Midland (5,110 residents): 728 incident reports
  5. Mandurah (7,328 residents): 947 incident reports
  6. Wellard (3,245 residents): 348 incident reports
  7. Fremantle (7,668 residents): 731 incident reports
  8. Armadale (WA) (12,851 residents): 1.216 incident reports
  9. Osborne Park (4,048 residents): 344 incident reports
  10. Belmont (WA) (6,264 residents): 503 incident reports

Midvale ranked as the worst suburb to live in with 15.9 incident reports per 100 residents with Burswood not far behind with 15.2 incident reports per 100 residents.

Top Offences Contributing to Crime Statistics

Now, we should also take into consideration what are the offences influencing crime when interpreting statistics. Here are the top reported non-property offences as of year-end 2020.

  1. Homicide with 49 reports
  2. Sexual offenses with 3,190 reports
  3. Assault (Family) with 11,802 reports
  4. Assault (Non-Family) with 6,614 reports
  5. Threatening behaviour (Family) with 1,762 reports
  6. Threatening behaviour (Non-Family) with 1,555 reports
  7. Deprivation of Liberty with 160 reports
  8. Robbery with 595 reports

It is also important to note that, overall, crimes reported decreased in 2020 due in part to lockdown measures put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus. However, there was a significant increase in assault reported by family members from 20,022 in 2019 to 22,933 in 2020.

Safety Prevention Tips to Reduce Crime and Increase Neighbourhood Livability

While the rise in domestic violence is indeed alarming, you should still have measures put in place to secure your home from criminal threats from outside your home. Keep the following things in mind to keep your family, your property and your belongings safe.

  1. Inspect all your door frames as well as hinges. Make sure that they are strong enough and are properly intact.
  2. Secure the doors by upgrading locks to deadlocks. If possible, buy locks that are rated best in the market.
  3. Make it a habit to always close and lock windows and doors especially when you are not expecting visitors.
  4. Install CCTV cameras around your home covering the most likely entry and exit points of an intruder. Correctly setup these will also provide you with remote view capability on your smartphone.
  5. Set up professional Home Alarm System Monitoring, so no matter if you are asleep, busy or otherwise engaged there are a set of eyes on your property to protect it at all times.
  6. Eliminate hiding places by trimming down overgrown trees and shrubs. Burglars could use it as a cover to shield themselves from discovery.

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