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An Access Control System Puts You In Charge

  1. For businesses & households needing to restrict access to parts of their property
  2. Provide workmen, visitors and employees with different levels of access
  3. Log and track all entries
  4. Integrate access control database with your systems
  5. The leading supplier of Paxton Access Control Systems Perth


SMS Security brings world leading Access Control Solutions to Perth.

Access Control is a powerful technology that can enhance the overall effectiveness of your current security solution. It allows you to control which parts of your property can be accessed via designated entry points and determine who and at what times people should have access.

You can have complete control over who comes and goes, what time and areas people can access and as an added bonus can view a complete history log of the system and its users if your system has been designed with it.

Stand alone systems can be setup to control a single door or gate, or larger systems can be designed and installed to control a multitude of doors.

After the latest in Access Control? You need Paxton Access Control.

Paxton Access Control Systems provide simple and effective access control solution for your business to help monitor who goes where and when. The system allows you to add users, delete users, open doors remotely, collect audit trails or get live notifications when people enter restricted rooms.

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We also offer and specialise in Inner Range Access Control Systems.
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