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There are several ways that you can protect you and your home from burglary and unwanted entry.

No matter what area you live in your home could be a target for burglary. Here are 10 helpful tips to ensure the safety of your home, family & possessions.

    1. Check your mailbox regularly!
      Don’t allow mail, catalogues and newspapers to build up as this will attract burglars. If you are going away ask a neighbour or friend to collect the mail for you.
    2. Keep your garden neat and tidy!
      Prune trees, trim shrubs and clear weeds. By doing this you are eliminating hiding spots for burglars and giving your home that lived in look.
    3. Improve your lighting
      • Install timers to intermittently turn lights, stereos on and off at different times to give your home the appearance that someone is home.
      • Install motion detecting floodlights around the perimeter of your home.
    4. Be mindful of your keys
      • Do not leave keys visible to intruders. Mailboxes, doormats and meter boxes are the first place they look.
      • Ensure that occupants are aware of the location of window/door keys in case of fire.
      • Do not put your address or personal details on your key ring/key chain
    5. Protect your valuables
      • Use a UV pen or engrave an ID number on your valuables
      • Keep an updated list of valuables/take photos
      • Do not advertise valuables on websites that require you to provide details like your address or phone number.
      • Do not store pin numbers, passwords or other valuable info on computers or on paper.
    6. Install an Alarm System
      Alarm systems are one of the most effective ways of protecting your home.

      • Stickers/decals should be placed in visible location.
      • Ensure that codes are limited to those who live in the property.
    7. Stranger Danger!
      • Check ID of reps who come to your door
      • Verify details of service/repairers
      • Install peepholes so you can easily identify who is outside.
      • Limit the information you give to salespeople, door knockers, people who come to your property and those that contact you over the phone.
    8. Know your Neighbour
      Neighbours can play a key role in preventing burglaries.

      • Neighbours are more likely to call the police or authorities if they see something suspicious and you are on good terms.
      • Exchange contact details with your neighbours.
      • Join the local neighbourhood watch
    9. Lock your windows and doors.
      • Windows and doors should be locked when you leave your home. They should only be left open when you are in the home and other security measures such as grills and motion detectors or alarm systems are in place.
        • Windows
        • Insert a metal bar in the tracks so they cannot be opened.
        • Install keyed locks & deadbolts.
        • Ensure windows are frosted, have security film installed or window coverings such as blinds that prevent a potential burglar from seeing in.
        • Doors
        • Ensure external doors are solid rather than hollow core.
        • Hinges should be on the inside so that burglars cannot remove pins/screws.
        • Sliding doors should be fitted with bolt locks & rods to ensure they stay closed.
        • Install keyed locks on garden sheds – open or unlocked sheds are major targets.
        • Garages should remain closed when you are not present – open doors invite passers-by to see what valuables you have inside.
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