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How long has SMS Security been in business? Why should I choose SMS security?
SMS Security has been in business for 8 years and our owner and director has over 25 years experience in the local industry.

We have installed and monitor hundreds of residential and commercial security systems, providing our customers with state of the art security systems and we only use licensed and qualified tradesmen and security consultants.

Why should I install an alarm system in my home or business?
Research has shown that installing an alarm or security system in your home or business significantly decreases the chances of being burgled. Burglars look for places without alarm systems as they are easier to access and there is less chance of been caught.

Will installing a home or business alarm reduce my insurance premium?
Most insurance companies will apply a discount to your premium if you have a monitored alarm system installed. The premiums you pay vary with different insurers and they take into account your location, coverage of the system and previous claims.

If the power or phone line is cut will my security system still work?
Yes! There is battery back up in the case that your power is out or cut. We also offer wireless options that don’t rely on phone lines.

I have pets in my home, will they trigger the alarm system?
We can install special switches/ detectors that don’t respond to pet movement but still detect motion. These are particularly effective with small pets.

What happens if my alarm is triggered?
An SMS security installer will run through all the ins and outs of your security system and can tailor a response plan that works for you. Some popular options include: having notifications sent to your mobile smartphone and monitoring and assessment by our security-monitoring center who will contact yourselves and the police in the event of a security breach.

How often does an alarm system need to be tested and what maintenance is involved?
You should test your alarm system regularly to ensure that it is working properly. Regular tests will ensure that connections to power, phone lines are strong and intact. As part of our service we will check and service the components of your alarm system if required free of charge for a period of 2 years. We also provide extensive warranties on all equipment that we sell, 5-10 years for alarm systems and 1 -3 years for CCTV.

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We believe in treating our customers right. We commit to turning up on time, making sure we match the right security alarm system to you, and making ourselves available to you through the ensuring months and years to ensure you get the most from your security system.

All of our Security Consultants & Installers are licensed professionals and take pride in the service and installation quality they deliver.

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