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Perimeter Alarm Systems

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Perimeter Security Systems Deliver Greater Protection

  • For those seeking extra security, who want the alarm to sound BEFORE entry is obtained in their home or business
  • Go beyond basic insurance requirements
  • Get a greater discounts from your insurance provider
  • 64 Zone Alarm Panel for future upgradeability
  • 3-99 Pet Friendly Motion Detectors for coverage of vulnerable areas and reduced false alarms
  • Force sensitive detectors on windows and doors to sound alarm before entry occurs
  • Includes full Training & Support
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Effective Security Defense

Most people’s worst fear is waking up in the middle of the night to find an unwanted intruder inside their homes, especially if they are old or have young children.

A Perimeter Security System is the most effective way to prevent intruders from entering your home as these systems work by triggering an alarm whilst the intruder is still outside.

Our digital processor Perimeter Alarm Detectors are manufactured in Europe & North America and detect high frequency vibrations caused through forced entry through vulnerable doors and windows whilst reliably discriminating against natural elements such as strong gusts of wind and rain.

The benefit to you – better protection & fewer false alarms.

Ajax Perimeter Alarm 624x272

The Experts in Perimeter Alarms

We have installed literally hundreds of Perimeter Alarm Security Systems in Perth and are the only Perth Security Installer that will provide:

  • Pet Sensitive Motion Detectors and 64 Zone Security Alarm Panels as Standard
  • A 24 Month Alarm Parts, 24 Months CCTV & 24 Month Labour Warranty
  • Lifetime Equipment Guarantee for New Alarm Purchases that Maintain Our Continuous Monitoring Service
  • Police Licensed Alarm Installers Not Salespeople
  • Quality UK and North American Alarm Equipment
  • Optional A1 Graded Local Alarm Monitoring
  • Hassle Free Fast Warranty Service
  • Contracted & Non-Contracted Offerings
  • Over the Phone & On Site Security Quotations
  • Competitive Pricing

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