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Perth Commercial Security Tips

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Commercial security systems are essential in this day and age. To protect you, your staff, your business and your bottom line you need to be aware of the latest technologies and systems that are available to you.

Below we have outlined three areas that you need to consider when evaluating the safety and security of your premises.

Your People

  1. Staff training: Ensure that staff are aware of emergency procedures, entry and exits, know how to successfully operate security alarms, locks…
  2. Access to cash, stock and valuables: cash control, late night trade procedures, cash limits, signage, till point location and installation of safes.
Your Businesses Perimeter

  1. Is the access to phone and power lines secure? Have you installed locks on gates, meter boxes?
  2. Is there sufficient lighting for day/night activity? Have timers or motion detectors been installed to ward off would be burglars?
  3. Do windows/doors have appropriate measures such as grills, shutters and locks been installed?
  4. Sprinklers & Smoke Alarms: Are these tested regularly and do they meet Australian standards?
Your Security Planning & Procedures

  1. Do you have emergency and security plans in place?
  2. Are floor plans detailing location of equipment and exits readily available to staff
  3. Do staff have access to incident and maintenance forms to prevent future issues?
  4. Do you periodically change combinations, passwords and codes on safes, alarm systems and computers on site
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More details on our security options are available in our Commercial Security Systems page.

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