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Home Security Monitoring Perth

Quality 24/7 Alarm Monitoring with no lock-in contracts

A monitored alarm adds peace of mind and an extra dimension to your safety.

With monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year you can feel safe knowing that your home & business is being looked after while you are away.

With rates starting from as little as $1 per day, SMS Security’s Threat Protect alarm monitoring system keeps your Perth property’s alarm system monitored at all times.


The Prevalence of Residential and Commercial Property Crimes in Perth

Tens of thousands of property crimes are recorded within Western Australia alone every year. From 2019 to 2020, for example, The Western Australia Police Force recorded a total of 79,473 property offences.

These crimes are a danger to people’s lives and also result in costly damage to and loss of property. Properties without any type of security system monitoring typically don’t discover that a crime has been committed until the following day and have to manually call emergency response.

With a security monitoring service, you can automatically trigger your security sensors and our monitors can dispatch emergency response to your Perth home or business right away.

Burglar House

How a home security Alarm Monitoring System Works

An alarm monitoring system establishes quick communications between your home or business’ security system and the monitored central station of your security provider.

When you install a security system monitoring from SMS Security at your home or business, it comes with security sensors that send an alert to our Perth-based monitoring centre.

This monitoring centre is staffed by licensed and fully-trained professionals who will then notify and dispatch the local emergency services to your home or business.

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Our Home Security Monitoring Systems

You can choose different forms of security for your home or business.

We also offer alarm repair services to ensure the best performance of your Perth property’s security systems.

You can also check out this guide and get home security tips to further ensure that your home is protected at all times.

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Your Monitoring Options:

Different levels of alarm monitoring solutions available to your home or business, depending on your security needs:


Data Sim Monitoring (High Security)

Data Sim Monitoring provides high security by sending alarm signals through your mobile phone network without the use of a phone line.



A self-monitoring system provides limited security. This activates an alarm in your own mobile phone when your security system detects an intruder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of home security monitoring?

The main benefit of alarm monitoring is the immediate emergency response you will receive once your system’s sensor has been tripped.

What happens if my home security is triggered by mistake?

You can reset your alarm system and contact SMS Security’s monitoring centre immediately to identify yourself and inform us of the mistake.

Will my alarm system work if the power goes off?

Yes. In case of power loss, you will still be protected, thanks to the backup battery for your alarm system.

What if my home security doesn’t work properly?

SMS Security uses the best security systems in the industry, so if it doesn’t work somehow, we’re happy to take a look and inspect for any kind of damage or malfunction.


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