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Keep Your Perth Home Safe with a Robust Home Alarm System

Dwelling burglary and property damage are two of the most prevalent crimes recorded in Western Australia. Between 2019 and 2020, the WA Police recorded more than 48,000 cases of residential burglary and property damage. 

Left unprotected, your home is at risk of being burglarised or vandalised. Apart from the damage to your property, these crimes also pose a threat to your physical safety.

Protect your family and your property in Perth with an SMS Security Home Alarm System and give your house 360° protection against burglars and other criminals.



We Have The Right Home Security Alarm Systems Perth

Gone are the days of asking for a “Standard Security Alarm System”. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to home security and it is our task to make sure you receive the best Home Alarm Systems Perth for your needs.

You may have a young family and want perimeter protection for night arming, or just want something basic to comply with insurance regulations and save on insurance premiums. Maybe you are a tenant wanting a Wireless Security System so you can relocate it easily.

Whatever your situation we are happy to attend, give an obligation free security evaluation and quotation and design a customised Home Security System that suits your needs and budget.

Home Alarm Systems Perth Package
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Our most popular home security options include (please click):

  • Motion Sensor Home Alarm Systems
    • A standard device in a residential security system, motion sensor alarms detect unwanted movement within your home and activate the alarm. The motion sensors from SMS Security are equipped with pet sensitive detectors and 64 zone alarm panels for all the security you need.
  • Perimeter Alarm Systems (for Added Protection)
    • A perimeter alarm system alerts you of intruders while they are still outside your house. This prevents intruders from getting within your home and gives you more time to scare them away or alert authorities.
  • Wireless Home Security Systems
    • For portability and ease of use, a wireless home security system from SMS Security is the best option. This is ideal for renters and other users who move a lot. Easy to install and maintain without all the wirings, wireless alarms can protect your Perth home effectively.
  • CCTV Security Systems
    • Get cameras that overlook your property with a full CCTV security system. SMS Security carries a wide range of CCTV cameras for different purposes, so you can find the ones that fit what you need in your Perth home or business establishment.
  • Access Control & Partitioning Systems
    • Limit the people who get into your property with an access control system. This technology is perfect for businesses as it allows you to control which parts of your property are accessible to which person. This also effectively logs where each person is at any given time.
Apart from these, we also offer:

Whatever your needs we have your home security covered.

We supply quality Security Alarm Systems utilising components from leading Security Alarm manufacturers such as DSC, Texecom, RISCO and more.

We have installed thousands of Home Alarm Systems in Perth and are the only Perth Security Installer that will provide:

  1. Pet Sensitive Motion Detectors and 64 Zone Security Alarm Panels as Standard
  2. A 60 Month Alarm Parts, 24 Months CCTV & 24 Month Labour Warranty
  3. Lifetime Equipment Guarantee for New Alarm Purchases that Maintain Our Continuous Monitoring Service
  4. Police Licensed Alarm Installers Not Salespeople
  5. Quality UK and North American Alarm Equipment
  6. Optional A1 Graded Local Alarm Monitoring
  7. Hassle Free Fast Warranty Service
  8. Contracted & Non-Contracted Offerings
  9. Over the Phone & On Site Security Quotations
  10. Competitive Pricing
  11. Polite & Friendly Service
  12. Alarm User Guides
For the best deal on your Home Security System, call us on (08) 9302 0000 or SEND US A QUOTE REQUEST.

Make sure you’re getting the Best Home Security System

We provide the very best in home & business Security Systems that can prevent and protect you from:

  • Home Invasion
  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Hold Ups
  • Industrial Faults (such as power, gas and chemical leaks)
To get the right Alarm System for your needs it is important to determine the degree of security and protection you require.

This can be affected by your location, age, gender and your family type and budget, and the type of property you have and its characteristics. When planning your Home Security System we will conduct an audit of the security and safety of your home.

This may include:

  • Counting the number or windows, doors and entrances
  • Viewing floor plans to analyse vulnerabilities
  • Investigating current locks, devices and location of valuables
  • Researching your surroundings including: your location specifics, neighbours & neighbourhood crime statistics.
An example home security audit if you’d like to make a start yourself can be downloaded here.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a range of Home Security Systems and with our ability to custom design a system to suit your exact needs we are confident that we can deliver the very best in protection for your property and loved ones.

With SMS Security as your home security alarm system provider, you get:

  • Industry-leading warranty
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-site assessment of your security requirement
  • Same-day service
  • Polite and professional technicians
For the best deal on your Home Security System, call us on (08) 9302 0000 or SEND US A QUOTE REQUEST.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need all of these technology for my home security?

Home security systems have varied inclusions, but you don’t have to get all of them. Consult with our technician to find out which devices your home needs.

3. Do I need a phone line to get a home security system installed?

No. We offer plenty of home security options that do not rely on having a landline phone.

2. I rent an apartment. Should I still get a security system?

Yes. Apartments have plenty of entry and exit points that burglars take advantage of so a security system will be invaluable.

3. How much does a home security system cost?

The total cost of home security system devices and installation depends on how big or small the system is. Talk to our technicians today for a free quote.

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