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A monitored alarm adds peace of mind and an extra dimension to your safety.

With monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year you can feel safe knowing that your home & business is being looked after while you are away.

At SMS Security we offer the very best in local alarm system monitoring. Our local alarm monitoring station is monitored 24/7 and rated A1, the highest rating possible & corresponding to the fastest response times within Australia’s security monitoring grading system.

Our A1 rated alarm-monitoring service guarantees a response to your premise within minutes and will dramatically decrease the amount of time that your home and business remain vulnerable should that day come that your alarm service is activated.

Our rates start from less than $1 per day and there are no lock in contracts to secure our best rate.


 Your Monitoring Options:

Different levels of alarm monitoring solutions available to your home or business, depending on your security needs.

Dual Path Alarm Monitoring (High Security)

Dual Path Alarm Monitoring
With dual path alarm monitoring, two mediums are used to communicate an alarm signal to the Alarm Monitoring Centre – the standard dialler phone line plus a wireless option such as GPRS Monitoring. The advantage of this service is that your alarm monitoring will continue even if phone lines fail or are cut.

NBN Friendly GPRS 
Monitoring (High Security)

Our NBN Compatible GPRS Monitoring Unit sends all alarm signals via the GSM (mobile phone) network to the monitoring centre eliminating the need for a separate phone line and associated call costs.  This is our recommended go to for most security installations that are in an NBN area or where the NBN will eventually be rolled out. You can check your NBN status here:

Dialler Alarm Monitoring (Medium Security)

Dialler alarm monitoring is the standard level of monitoring. This option uses a fixed telephone line to communicate with the Alarm Monitoring Centre. Service can only be disrupted if phone lines are cut. This service is popular for homes,and businesses where no cash or valuables are kept on site.


Self Monitoring

If you have a standard dialler phone line or GPRS unit connected to your alarm system, it is possible to communicate directly with your smartphone. This is a more limited form of monitoring but can be popular.

Our ASIAL Certified Alarm Monitoring Centre

Many of the larger monitoring centres have consolidated their monitoring services to the eastern states. This means that due to time differences, the number of clients involved, operator familiarity with your area and different Police response requirements in different states utilising an out of state monitoring service can reduce the effectiveness of your alarm monitoring and jeopardise the security of your home and business.

Our control room on the other hand is locally based with staff who are fully experienced, trained and licensed local professionals. They know who you are, where you are and will take appropriate action based on your instructions with their local experience.

Our Monitoring Control Centre utilises the latest Dialler Monitoring, GPRS Monitoring & Dual Path Monitoring technologies and can provide reports by email, SMS or phone call and YES! Our Control Centre can take over the monitoring of your existing system to save you money whilst increasing your level of protection.

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