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Commercial CCTV Systems

We Supply Quality Commercial CCTV Security Camera Installations in Perth & Surrounds To Protect Your Business

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Secure Your Perth Business 24/7 With Commercial CCTV Cameras

At SMS Security we specialise in supplying your business with an efficient, and reliable commercial CCTV system to protect your premises. Running a business or organisation presents plenty of risks, both during business hours and after. From product theft to burglary, your business faces various security risks day and night. Protect and secure your property with a commercial CCTV system for your Perth business.


Security Risks in Commercial Establishments

According to the Australian Retail Association’s Retail Crime Survey in 2019, 57% of retail stores’ revenue loss is due to customer theft or shoplifting. This is a huge problem for retail stores, not just in Australia but across the world.

Apart from theft during operation hours, your business is also vulnerable to burglary and vandalism at night. Retail stores, banks and other businesses are all at risk of criminals breaking in and stealing goods or money or simply causing damage to the business. This is where commercial CCTV systems can provide a lot of benefits.

Fortunately, you can be proactive and prevent these things from happening with a reliable commercial CCTV system for your Perth business. With SMS Security, our commercial CCTV camera installation service can equip your business with the protection it needs against burglars and other criminals.

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Benefits of a Commercial CCTV System for Local Businesses


Prevent theft, burglary and vandalism

As criminals don’t want to be caught, they will avoid attacking business establishments with commercial CCTV cameras monitoring the premises.


Identify criminals

In case of any criminal activity, the footage recorded from the CCTV cameras makes it easy to identify the perpetrators.


Provide footage for evidence

The footage you recover can be an incriminating evidence to apprehend perpetrators. They can also be used for your insurance claims.

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Features of a Commercial CCTV Camera

SMS Security has been in the security business since 2006. We have the expertise to provide commercial establishments and other businesses in Perth with the best security products from the U.S., UK and beyond. With SMS Security as your company’s commercial CCTV camera system provider, you get:

  • High Resolution
  • Night Vision/Low-Light Capture
  • Wide Angle
  • Remote Access
  • Tripline Capability
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Cloud Storage/Backup
  • Motion Sensor/Activation
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Commercial CCTV Installation and Repair Services

For commercial establishments that need the security CCTV cameras bring, get in touch with SMS Security. We provide CCTV installation and repair services for businesses in Perth.

At SMS Security, you can choose from a wide variety of security cameras for your building. From indoor and outdoor models, you’ll find only quality CCTV systems from industry-recognised brands. With various advanced features, these security cameras act as the armour your business needs against criminals.

What’s more, SMS Security also works closely with every client to give you the right CCTV system your Perth commercial establishment needs. With our help, you can identify areas in your shop that need surveillance the most, allowing you to keep your business secure 24/7.

If your old CCTV units need to be serviced or upgraded, the SMS Security technicians can help, too! Our repair services ensure your security cameras are functioning properly.

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Why Work With Us?

We have been security provider in Perth since 2006. Since then we’ve been able to provide world renowned security products from the US, UK and other industry leading countries. As a leading commercial CCTV system provider, you can expect:

  • Industry-leading warranty
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-site assessment of your security requirement
  • Same-day service
  • Polite and professional technicians

Which businesses can benefit from CCTV Systems?

Every business can benefit from having security cameras. The following establishments can benefit the most as they stand to lose a lot and are often targeted by criminals:

  • Retail establishments (supermarkets, grocery shops, clothing stores, etc.)
  • Banks
  • Office buildings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Mine Sites

Brands We Carry

At SMS Security, you can find the leading alarm system and CCTV providers, including:


Ajax Systems









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If you have commercial CCTV cameras from any of these brands and need assistance operating them, refer to our user guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my small business need CCTV?

Yes. Burglars and other criminals frequently attack small commercial establishments because of perceived lack of security. So whether you conduct business in a small building or you have limited operations, your business benefits from a reliable CCTV system.

3. What type of CCTV camera does my business need?

Different types of CCTV cameras serve different purposes for different parts of an establishment. Our technicians can help you figure out exactly what cameras are ideal for your business and where to place them.

2. How many CCTV cameras do I need?

The number of cameras you need depends on the number of areas or hotspots you need to cover. Of course, the larger the building, the more cameras you need to secure the premises properly.

4. How much will a complete CCTV system cost?

The cost of a complete CCTV system depends on how many cameras are needed to secure your property. But at SMS Security, you can rest assured that every security product is competitively priced.


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