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Ajax Systems
Security Alarms

Forget about the security systems of the past. When you’re under the reliable protection of Ajax you’re safe from thieves, fires & leaks that cause real harm to property and people.

Alarm Hardware

Europe’s most awarded security alarm system hardware

Ajax Systems is a security manufacturer that creates solutions that stand on the cutting edge of technology and science — and puts those innovations into their devices.

Ajax devices operate in the most extreme conditions, always ready to protect against tragedy with their proprietary technologies across radio-communications, encryption and digital algorithms pushing the boundaries of what a modern security system can achieve.

With Ajax Systems combining the best componentry, highest technology and attractive design with reliability and user-friendliness second to none, SMS Security is delighted to be a preferred supplier and installer of the brand, and one of the largest installers of Ajax Systems alarms in the nation.


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Why purchase an Ajax alarm

  • World Leading tech
  • Europe’s most popular and awarded security brand
  • Continually evolving product ecosystem
  • Outstanding style and quality you can be proud to display in your home
  • Finally a wireless security system than can match wired systems for robustness and reliability
Technologies Ico


Our proprietary technologies — radio communication, encryption, digital algorithms — are invented in-house by our engineers.
Devices Ico


Ajax detectors combine the best components with conceptual design.
App Ico


Convenient and powerful software makes a complex system simple to manage.
Infra Ico


A reliable cloud with 99.9% fault tolerance and advanced encryption.

Protection against any threat

The Ajax Systems security line comprises wireless devices to protect residential and commercial properties. Their wide range of smart indoor and outdoor devices operate as a unified force to ensure protection against potential intrusion and deliver a best-in-class user experience.

With the full suite of Ajax Systems solutions installed, your Ajax system won’t limit itself to one job. Instead, it can take care of three at once and provide alerts if it detects a break-in, fire or flood. Additionally, the system supports third-party surveillance cameras, making Ajax your singular security centre.

Layer 619
Protects entry points and monitors windows
Detects fire and prevents carbon monoxide poisoning
Prevents flooding
Streams IP camera
surveillance video on your
Allows for remote system setup and maintenance
Integration of third-party

How the Ajax Systems
security environment works

Watch Video Right
Ajax Img

An intelligent control panel

Hub is the core device in the system. It uses the Ajax Systems proprietary encrypted radio protocol, Jeweller, to connect to detectors and monitor them. The hub immediately sends alerts via SMS, push notification or phone call.
Multiple communication channels for sending alarms via ethernet, Wi-Fi & 3G/LTE
Up to 200 users can manage the system
Operates for up to 16 hours during a power outage
Can control up to 200 individual devices

Hub Jeweller

Control panel
supporting wireless

ReX Jeweller

Wireless radio range

MultiTransmitter Jeweller

Wireless module to
integrate wired third-
party detectors and

The world’s most advanced detectors

Ajax detectors accurately recognise motion, door movement and broken glass.
Optional fire, CO2 and water leak detect heat, smoke and temperature increases,
as well as monitoring flooding and air quality.

  • Communication via encrypted radio channel
  • Protected from jamming and forgery
  • Battery life up to 7 years
  • Tamper-resistant with alarm notifications

Relevant Equipment

Equipment Img

FireProtect Jeweller

Wireless combined heat and smoke detector with replaceable batteries
Equipment Img

FireProtect Jeweller Plus

Wireless combined heat, smoke and CO2 detector with replaceable batteries
Equipment Img

LeakProtect Jeweller

Wireless water leak detector productivity
Equipment Img

LifeQuality Jeweller

Wireless temperature, humidity & CO2 monitor

Attractive internal and external
alarm sirens

Ajax sirens are a loud local indicator that an alarm has been triggered, which can frighten off intruders. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, and the volume and alarm duration are adjustable.

Volume Icon
Maximum alarm volume of up to 113dB
Battery Ico
Battery life up to 5 years
Cloud Ico
Protected from dust and moisture
Siren Bottom Img Full

The Ajax cloud

The Ajax cloud server connects your hub to your smartphone.
It allows the Ajax system to deliver instantaneous alarm
notifications, allows re-configuring of your system with ease and allows the system to receive internet updates that continue making the system more secure.

Mobile Img
Cloud Blurb1
Sends push notifications to your smartphone
Cloud Blurb2
Delivers the status of system devices in real time
Cloud Blurb3
Allows for remote system setup and maintenance
Cloud Blurb4
Receives automatic software updates

Controlled by your smartphone

Managing your Ajax system is as easy as using any modern device.
All you need is a smartphone or laptop with internet access. You can nip away for the weekend, stay late at work or go on a long holiday. No matter what, you can take comfort in knowing everything at home is in order, and full control remains at your fingertips.

Notification Ico
Receive instant alarm
System Reminders
System reminders to
Event Log Ico
Detailed event log
Video Ico
Stream surveillance video

Range of controller devices

For added convenience and to support as wide a range of needs as possible, control options go beyond your smartphone and include keypad, key fobs and card-tag solutions that allow you to customise the way you may interact with your system. Key tags, passes or individual codes may be provided to guests, staff or your children to enable gated, customisable control.

Connectable to a central monitoring station

The Ajax system works with central monitoring stations around the globe, including our SMS Security monitoring centre here in Perth so that when an alarm goes off, security professionals can arrive within minutes to eliminate the danger.

24 Hour
24-hour security
Personal response to property break-ins
Alarm Button
Can be activated by pressing the alarm button
Full installation and professional support provided
With optional self-monitoring with customisable
notification criteria across email, text message and app notifications also available
Car Bottom2 Img
Mobile Left Ajax

Programmable with custom security scenarios

Scenarios provide automations for your security & comfort and allow you to control when and how your alarm system activates, in addition to providing control of how your system integrates with other security and comfort devices about your home to allow you to:
  • Schedule night and day security modes
  • Simulate home activity when you are away
  • Schedule light control
  • Cut off power after a fire alarm
  • Heat or cool on schedule
  • Prevent damaging water leaks
  • Activate automatic doors and roller-shutters
  • Automate ventilation

Ajax Security Alarms FAQ

What can I make my Ajax system do?
Ajax can be easily expanded with entry, fire and flood detectors, as well as relays for managing electrical appliances remotely. You can purchase and add additional devices to the system individually. Detectors can be connected with a few taps in the mobile app.
Do Ajax devices really work that far away from the hub?
We’ve tested the maximum distance between the hub and detectors in open space, and it really does reach 2,000 meters. Your experience may vary, since walls, ceilings and other barriers will shorten that distance. If you’re unsure, you can do a radio test using the Ajax Security Systems app to determine the signal strength before you install detectors.
How often do device batteries need to be changed?
Ajax devices are powered by batteries, not from the network, which is how wired systems work. With that in mind, we developed a special energy-efficient radio protocol that keeps them protecting your home or office for as long as possible— up to 7 years.
How will I know if a device battery is dying?
Once the battery reaches a critical level, Ajax will send you a notification. If you’re curious, you can always double check battery levels at any time in the device settings.
How do I monitor the Ajax security system?
The easiest way to monitor is to use the Ajax Security System application for iOS and Android. The app will let you arm/disarm the system and keep tabs on your devices (including information on signal status, battery level and temperature). The system can also be controlled with Ajax Ajax SpaceControl, KeyPad or KeyPad Plus.
Does Ajax support scenarios?
Ajax security system provides functionality for configuring the reaction of Relay, WallSwitch and Socket in response to an alarm, changing the security mode, or activation by schedule. The security system can be programmed to change the security mode by schedule, and the automation device can react to Button press in the control mode.
Will my cat or robot vacuum set off an alarm?
Ajax devices use a digital algorithm to detect human movement. As long as your pets are smaller than 50 centimeters (19.5 inches) and 20 kilograms (44 lbs), they shouldn’t set off your Ajax detectors.
Can I add and remove system users?
Yes, if you are an administrator with full access to the system settings. Up to 99 users can be connected to one security system. They can be family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues or even a security company.
Can users be assigned varying degrees of access?
Yes, different users in the system can be allocated different degrees of access and be designated as a PRO or administrator with full access rights, a PRO or administrator without access to control panel settings and as a Normal User.
Does Ajax support video surveillance?
Third-party cameras can be connected to the security system using Ajax apps. You can choose nearly any camera that supports RTSP or seamlessly integrate Uniview, Dahua, Hikvision, Safire IP cameras and DVRs.
How does Ajax let me know about an emergency?
Ajax sends alerts using push notifications, SMS messages or calls to the system owner. You can choose your notification preferences in the mobile app.
How does Ajax send alerts so quickly?
The hub constantly monitors the detectors, and they regularly report back to the hub. If a detector is triggered, it immediately transmits that information. The hub then sends an alert to the system owner’s smartphone and/or to a central monitoring station. All of this happens in just milliseconds.
What happens if the internet goes out?
In offline mode, Ajax operates the same way other professional security systems do: detectors monitor the situation and send information to the hub. If there’s any danger, the system sirens will let you know.
If there’s a blackout, will I be left unprotected?
No. Ajax will continue guarding your home, even during blackouts. All of the detectors operate on battery power, and there’s a backup battery installed in the hub. It provides up to 16 hours of reliable operation. Once your home regains power, the hub will automatically recharge the backup battery.
Can Ajax be hacked?
Ajax has a closed ecosystem. We have eliminated breaches and failures by replacing standard algorithms and solutions with own inventions and our radio communication technology features multi-level protection built from scratch. The OS Malevich real-time operating system is immune to viruses and to prevent any future attacks, we regularly conduct penetration tests involving external auditors.
Can Ajax be jammed?
Unlike most wireless and wired security systems, Ajax uses dual communication channels to send alerts— cellular communication and broadband internet. When there’s a problem with one of the channels, Ajax automatically switches to the other. If an attacker jams the GSM signal, the system sends an alarm using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Additionally, the hub controls all system detectors. The moment it fails to receive a signal from at least one, an alarm is sent to inform users about the communication loss.
How much does Ajax cost to operate each month?
Ajax is free to operate when you use it yourself to self-monitor. You’ll only need to pay a monthly fee if you connect to a central monitoring station. The cost will depend on where you’re located, the size and type of premises and the number of requested services.

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Our WA Police Licensed Professional Security Installers are just a click or call away from installing your Ajax Security System in your apartment, home, office or
warehouse. By choosing Ajax, you get integrated protection that is easy to manage, tamper-resistant and responds instantly to intrusions.

Call or contact MS Security today on (08) 9302 0000 to see how an Ajax Systems security alarm can boost your security profile and level of protection.

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