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Making sure your home and business are protected should be a priority for every person. Recent increases in crime throughout Perth have been some of the largest on record with Ellenbrook alone experiencing 425 home burglaries across 2015 & 2016. While the police do their best to fight the scourge of drugs and crime on our streets it is important that we do all that we can to protect ourselves from crime.


Why You Need Improved Security

1. WA Crime is on the rise
2. 80% of burglars report forgoing locations that have visible security to concentrate on easier targets
3. Not all stealable items can be replaced
4. Most insurers offer steep discounts on well secured locations with Alarm Systems present
5. Peace of mind is priceless

Turn to SMS Security for all your Ellenbrook Security needs

Established in 2006 and located nearby in Landsdale we have been servicing and installing quality security equipment in Ellenbrook for over a decade.

We can assist you with all your Home and Business Alarm, CCTV, Access Control and Security Monitoring needs. All the equipment we sell is backed by extensive labour and product warranties lasting up to 5 years and all our Security Consultants and Installers are Licensed Professionals certified by the West Australian Police Department.

We provide free on-site security consultations to help you identify security vulnerabilities and discuss your options as well as the facility to provide quotes and service 24/7 via our phone and email service.

We believe in doing our utmost to satisfy our customers and have the right security product to suit every situation. For your free no obligation quote and consultation give us a quick call on 08 9302 0000 or provide your contact details via the form below and we will be in touch.

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