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Have a Home Security System and want to be NBN Ready? Read On.

Odds are if you have alarm monitoring you’re going to need to make changes.

You see – most alarms connect to Monitoring Stations via standard phone lines & when your property is connected to the NBN these lines will be cut and will no longer be able to send their signals to the station leaving your home (or business) without its most important security feature until you can arrange a technician to lay a new line.

Don’t worry though – you can prevent this from happening and get the jump on the process so you are prepared for the NBN when it arrives.

What you need to do is upgrade your security alarm with a GPRS device that will wirelessly communicate to your Monitoring Station and do away with the need for a separate line altogether. Virtually all security systems can be upgraded with GPRS and the cost is far, far less than replacing the system altogether.

To find out the full benefits a GPRS device can bring to your home security why not give us a call today.

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