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5 Reasons you should upgrade your security camera system now

by | Mar 28, 2023 | News

It’s time to consider upgrading your CCTV cameras as technology has advanced significantly in the past decade, making today’s cameras more advanced and affordable. Using outdated security systems can do more harm than good, preventing you from experiencing the numerous benefits of modern home security and commercial CCTV.

To ensure optimal security, it is recommended to update your commercial or home security monitoring every five years – read on to learn the 5 key reasons why, and where to find expert security camera installation.

Top benefits of upgrading your security solutions in Perth

Access advanced technology

Computing power doubles every 18 months, making it essential to upgrade your commercial or residential CCTV security systems every five years is essential. By then, the technology has already improved by over 300%, and prices have become more affordable. 

It’s worthwhile upgrading to advanced technology that is significantly better than your current set-up, as it’s bound to become outdated in just a few years. 

Improve your properties security

Upgrading your security system monitoring can significantly enhance your home’s protection against burglary, trespassing, and other criminal activities. It provides broader access to both interior and exterior spaces, and a more powerful camera with night vision capabilities that can detect movement even in dimly lit areas. 

Additionally, upgrading commercial and residential security cameras can also address blind spots in the existing setup, eliminating any vulnerabilities to secure your property thoroughly without disrupting the entire system.

A more effective camera

The effectiveness of your residential or commercial security systems depends on the camera quality. Your camera serves as the backbone of your security system, and upgrading it provides numerous benefits, such as enhanced visibility and recording capabilities. 

Modern home security cameras and commercial CCTV are equipped with advanced features such as night vision and infrared technology. A reliable and high-quality camera can significantly deter burglars and other malicious activities.

Stay compatible with modern tech

When your current residential alarm systems or security solutions in Perth are no longer compatible with other devices, it can cause a lot of issues such as difficulty in accessing, downloading, and copying files, as well as finding compatible hardware for residential alarm systems.

To prevent these inconveniences, it is better to regularly update your commercial and residential CCTV security systems and replace slow, obsolete systems.

Prevent expensive repairs in the future

Over time, hardware can become faulty and eventually break down, resulting in costly repairs. To avoid this, consider upgrading your home security monitoring and commercial security systems regularly before they reach a state of disrepair. 

Upgrading early with security camera installation provides the opportunity to sell or keep old parts as spares. Waiting until the system completely fails is not a sound security strategy. Your home security system should always be in excellent condition, ready for when you need it most.

Expert security system monitoring from SMS Security

Installing quality residential security cameras or commercial monitoring security systems allows you to establish rapid communication between your business or home security and your security provider. 

SMS Security is a renowned provider of the best home security camera systems and commercial security solutions in Perth, providing you with peace of mind knowing that help is on the way.

Browse the range of security solutions in Perth online now, or get in touch today to discuss any home security cameras or monitoring security systems.


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