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NBN Ready Security Alarm Systems

 Have a Home or Business Security System and want to be NBN ready?

Odds are if you have alarm monitoring you’re going to need to make changes.

Most alarm systems in Perth connect to their Monitoring Station via standard PSTN phone lines & when you switch your service to the NBN in most cases these lines will no longer be available leaving your home (or business) without its most important security feature until you can arrange a technician to rewire or upgrade your service.


What does upgrading to “NBN Ready” entail?

In most cases the ideal solution is to upgrade your security alarm with a GPRS attachment that will wirelessly communicate to our Monitoring Station using mobile telephony so you can do away with the need for a separate line altogether. Most security systems (and all systems that we sell) can be upgraded with GPRS with a cost that is far less than replacing the system altogether.

With the GPRS device installed you will experience seamless security monitoring when you change over to the NBN and beyond.

What steps should you follow?

  1. Contact us when you are aware the NBN is available in your street.
  2. We will advise you of your current systems compatibility and the actions you will need to take to maintain seamless alarm monitoring.
  3. Connect with your preferred ISP over the NBN advising them that you have been advised it will be connected through the NBN.
  4. Test your alarm (we will complete step 4 if we upgrade your system to make sure everything is working before we leave your home and business).

Get started today.

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For more information on the NBN including roll-out schedule visit or call NBN Co on 1800 023 076.

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