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Five Common Burglary Myths Busted.

With over 140,000 instances of theft, burglary and robbery reported in WA last financial year there is good reason to be mindful of our security.
How aware are you of the truths and myths behind these burglary stats? In this post we bust 5 common security myths.

Myth #1 Most Break-In’s occur at night.
In the movies breaks-ins almost always occur at night using darkness as a cover to enter the home. Most people believe this but the majority of burglaries actually occur during the day – only 25% of break in’s occur at night. Daybreak burglaries tend to be more common as most burglars would prefer to stay away from building where people are likely to be present.

Myth #2 Most Break-In’s occur through windows.
Though it is a common belief that burglars break in through a window, doors are actually the most common point of entry in home burglaries.
Over 60% of home burglaries occur through a door approximately a third of which are made through doors that have been left unlocked!

Myth #3 Burglars take a lot of time to break into homes.
Burglars are opportunists who choose homes that are easy targets. Homes without any apparent security system, homes of people who work fulltime and homes with poorly secured entry points. In many situations, a burglar can breach a poorly secured door in only 10 seconds. Most burglaries last only a matter of minutes as burglars quickly get in and out to cut down their chance of detection.

Myth #4 Locking your house is enough to keep burglars at bay.
While we noted that most burglaries happen through doors (often unlocked), keeping a house locked up still leaves you vulnerable. Unauthorised entries may still occur via breaking a window and climbing through or even via roof entry.

Myth #5 Home Security Systems don’t discourage burglars.
This is a big one. Most thieves will actively keep away from a property seen to be secured with an alarm and to a lesser extent CCTV. Why take the risk if the house next door doesn’t have an alarm? They can break in without the fear that a Security Monitoring Station is sending the police to catch them red handed!

For the very best in security make sure you are doing more than hoping for the best. Locked and secure doors and windows and a quality Home Alarm with Perimeter Sensors will provide you with the very best in home protection.

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