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Why Perth Homeowners Need Security Cameras

by | May 18, 2022 | News | 0 comments

The burglary rates in Australia are the 7th highest in the world. That’s quite high considering there are 195 other countries surveyed. If you want to keep your home safe, you need CCTV cameras. Find out why you should have them installed in your home here.

Deter criminals

It’s impossible to monitor your property at all times. However, with security cameras installed, you get 24-hour surveillance of your home.

Security measures are one of the first things burglars check for when choosing a house to steal from. By having CCTV installed, your home is much less likely to be targeted. They can stop a crime before it even happens, which is ideal for you, as you don’t want damage caused by forced entry.

Evidence for crime and accidents

Even if burglars and vandals aren’t deterred by your CCTV cameras, having them installed in your home will provide you with valuable evidence. Burglars will leave no traces if they can. If they steal a piece of jewellery, for example, it can be difficult to prosecute them. You might not even know it was stolen and assume you lost it.

CCTV footage can help identify the criminal and be submitted to a court. You’ll be able to bring the criminal to justice and get your property back. Make sure to choose your home security system well to maximise your chances of getting the evidence you need.

Monitor your property

A CCTV system allows you to easily monitor your property without needing to leave your home or unlock the door. If you hear weird noises or need to receive visitors at night, you can check your CCTV to make sure it’s safe outside first by checking the video feed.

You’ll also be able to monitor your property while travelling with your laptop or phone. This allows you to inform authorities of any crimes that happen on your property, even when you’re out.

Low maintenance

With CCTV systems, you only need to worry about the upfront costs for the most part. Compared to other security systems, they require very little maintenance. They only need occasional cleaning and for peace of mind a professional check-up or service may be scheduled every year or two.

Monitor non-criminal activities

Besides crimes, CCTV cameras can be used to make sure everything’s going well within your home. For example, your CCTV system could show you that your pet or a wild animal is damaging your plants. You could then take the protective measures necessary to prevent it from happening again.

If you hire a nanny, you can make sure they’re treating your children well. Just make sure to tell them the cameras are there as you need their consent to record their activities within your property legally.

Insurance deductions

The amount you pay for your insurance premiums is affected by how much security you have. CCTV cameras reduce the risk of crimes being committed on your property, allowing you to get a discount on your insurance premiums.

Just having CCTV cameras can get you a 5-10% discount, and a more comprehensive system could lower your insurance rates by up to 20%. Also, CCTV footage would help you validate an insurance claim if there is a break-in.

Laws Concerning CCTV Cameras

In Western Australia, the use of surveillance devices is regulated by the Surveillance Devices Act 1998. CCTV systems are subject to the regulations on both listening and optical surveillance devices.

CCTV cameras cannot be installed where they can record activities and conversations that can be reasonably expected to be kept private without the consent of everyone involved. For example, it is illegal to install them in your bedroom without informing your partner or spouse, who shares the room with you.

There are exceptions to this. CCTV cameras can be installed without consent or with only the consent of select parties if it’s necessary for protecting their lawful interest. As such, they can be used to monitor and protect children. If CCTV cameras are deemed necessary for protecting another person, only that person needs to consent to their use.

Besides these cases, you should always inform visitors about your use of security cameras. Otherwise, you could face a fine of $5,000, 12 months of imprisonment, or both.

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