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Take Our Home Security Quiz

by | Nov 2, 2016 | News | 0 comments

How Secure Is Your Home?

With Christmas just around the corner and the accompanying increase in burglaries we thought it would be the perfect time to invite our customers to take our Home Security Quiz.

By taking the quiz you will be able to identify your relative level of security and receive pointers in how your security level may be improved.

Assign the points listed below for positive security features present in your home and subtract your total negative features to obtain an overall score.

Positive Security Features

Your home has:
A Standard Internal Sensor Alarm +25pts

Additional Perimeter Sensors +20pts

24/7 Alarm Monitoring +30pts

Deadlocks on all doors & key-locked windows +10pts

CCTV Camera System Installed +15pts

You know your neighbours +5pts

Your have a dog +10pts

Security Screens are installed +10pts

Motion lights are installed +5pts

Total Potential Security Positives /130

Negative Security Aspects
Your home borders a park or alleyway -10pts

Is in a high crime area -15pts

Has criminal/shady households within 250m -15pts

You leave windows & doors unlocked -35pts

You leave precious & expensive items visible through house windows -15pts

Total Potential Security Negatives /90

Your Overall Security Score (subtract security negatives from security positives) = ?
(Potential Security Scores -90 to +130)

Your Results Key

Score 100~130: Your Home Is highly secure. You may have a couple of unavoidable negatives affecting the house or a small number of additional steps you may take to bolster security but by and large your home is very secure and unlikely to be troubled by burglary. In the unlikely event of a burglary occurring steps are in place to limit the damage done.

Score 70~99: Your home has a good level of security. It merits a security pass. Whilst there are still a couple of changes you can make to deliver the most secure outcome you are far less likely to be troubled by burglary or home intrusion than those scoring lower.

Score 50~69: Your home is moderately secure. You have a number of positive security features within your property but significant weaknesses remain and so the chance of a burglary or intrusion remains elevated.
The biggest gains in improving security for your situation will be adding Perimeter Sensors & 24/7 Alarm Monitoring to your Standard Alarm & making sure that doors and windows are consistently and securely locked.

Score <49: Your home is dangerously insecure. Despite some of the right steps in place your security situation has significant flaws. Burglars are able to access your property via unprotected doors and windows (if your home is not fully encased in steel bars, screens leave vulnerabilities) and no mechanism is in place to activate a manned police or guard response when an intruder is determined to enter your home. The most important remedy in your situation is to add Perimeter Sensors to your alarm with 24/7 Alarm Monitoring & cease any controllable behaviour (like leaving doors unlocked) that is detrimental to your security.

How did you do?
Does your security situation look more like this:

Or this:


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