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NBN Alarm Monitoring

by | Apr 5, 2017 | News | 0 comments

Are you getting connected to the NBN?

If you currently subscribe to an Alarm Monitoring Service odds are you are going to need to make a change to your Alarm System.
For most customers, the NBN entirely replaces any existing landline connections at your premises, severing the ability of your alarm to be monitored using a standard phone line when the existing copper lines are switched off (usually a few months after the NBN is available).
To remedy this, we fit a GPRS Monitoring Module to your alarm which enables monitoring via the data mobile network, removing the need for a fixed-line entirely.
This has the added benefit of not only improving the capabilities and reliability of your alarm system but also removes all phone call charges from your monitoring service and provides you a security monitoring service which can survive the power or communication cables being cut to your property, deterring even the most sophisticated of thieves. It is the only solution that meets all the Australian Standards and is used widely by liquor stores, jewellers and other high security locations.
So along with your fast, new internet service, you can cut down a portion of your monitoring costs and get a better service to boot!
Switching your alarm to an NBN compatible monitoring service cannot be achieved through your telecommunication provider – you need a Licensed Security Operator. We are the experts in NBN compatible Alarm Monitoring and guarantee to beat any competitor quote in helping you make the switch.
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