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Monitoring & Safety Of Senior Family Members With Security Cameras

by | Dec 20, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Taking care of your loved ones is always a priority, especially older relatives. Regardless of whether they live alone, with family, or have additional care services, it’s so important to ensure their safety while respecting their privacy.

Maintaining independence is likely a huge priority for your senior family members, and one way to help them retain autonomy is with quality home security systems.

The following article outlines key considerations to make when installing monitoring security systems, and the many advantages of using reliable security systems in Perth WA to look after our beloved seniors.

Caring for loved ones with residential security cameras

Wanting to remain in the comfort of your home as you age is common, but living independently can present risks. The greatest fear is not knowing until it’s too late about an accidental injury, health emergency, break-in, or theft, particularly if mental or physical health limitations are present.

Staying connected via WiFi security camera installation is the ideal solution, allowing seniors complete autonomy with the added safety of discreet monitoring. The subtle, uncomplicated designs of contemporary home security cameras make them an unobtrusive addition to any home, pairing efficiently with smartphones for easy access and remote monitoring capabilities.


The most important consideration when installing a new home security camera is getting clear consent from all homeowners. Make sure to consult with your elderly relatives about all relevant aspects and gain their complete approval before installing.


Keep security at the forefront when selecting the best smart camera for your requirements, as robust safety measures and encrypted video streams are essential to preventing hacking, theft, and cybercrime. Work only with renowned security brands with a proven reputation for quality and customer service.

How quality home security systems keep families safe

If someone offered you a cost-effective, low-maintenance safety net for your elderly parents or relatives, would you take it? Modern security systems in Perth WA include wide-ranging options for live monitoring, smartphone alerts and notifications, video recording and more, making it straightforward to alert you and relevant authorities to any urgent situation.

Opting for security camera installation at the homes of senior family members requires only a reliable Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone to link to it. Cameras can be placed both inside and outside the home; ideal locations are main living areas such as kitchens and sitting rooms, preserving their privacy while allowing efficient monitoring for their safety and wellbeing.

Enables independence

Living at home is a top priority for many seniors, providing them with independence and a sense of control. Installing a home security camera only serves to extend this independence, allowing them to feel safe and secure in their own home as they age.

Remote monitoring

The ability to connect remotely to residential security cameras is a huge advantage, allowing you to check on the well-being of elderly relatives regardless of location. This is especially important should an accident or emergency occur, enabling an immediate response where location is not an issue.

Crime prevention

The unfortunate reality for all homeowners and renters is how prevalent burglary, break-ins, and property damage are in WA. As well as deterring criminals just by its presence, the best home security camera systems monitor, record, and alert you to danger – along with the help of a home alarm system.

Peace of mind

Remote monitoring and surveillance are quickly becoming one the best ways to provide both you and your elderly loved ones with peace of mind; no matter the location, living situation, or level of desire for autonomy.

Choose from a wide range of security solutions in Perth

Find the right security systems in Perth WA for your needs at SMS Security, with options available from low-risk Home Alarm Systems to superior CCTV Security Systems for higher safety requirements.

  • Wireless Home Security Systems – a portable design ideal for those on the move
  • Motion Sensor Home Alarm Systems – detects unwanted movements and raises the alarm
  • CCTV Monitoring Security Systems – Oversee your entire home with CCTV, with a range of extra features to choose from
  • Perimeter Alarm Systems – alerts you to intruders outside for added protection
  • Access Control – determine who enters your property with partitioning systems

Reliable home security systems from SMS Security

Find the best security solutions in Perth from SMS Security, WA’s leading provider of reliable residential security cameras, CCTV, and home alarm systems, as well as alarm repair and home alarm monitoring services.
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