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How To Effectively Secure Your Home

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Your home is one of your prized possessions, and it’s where you want to feel safe from any potential dangers. It’s best to engage in basic practices about home security to create a secure environment for you and your loved ones.

Take a walk inside and outside of your property and check any changes it might need regarding home security. Prevention is always the best defense, and following these ideas on how to properly secure your home will help in ensuring your safety and protection.

Important Tips for Improving Home Security

1. Install a CCTV system.

The presence of an outdoor security camera can help deter potential intruders. Usually, thieves will monitor a house before they rob it. If they see it’s equipped with a security alarm system, they’re most likely to discontinue the burglary attempt. If ever you become a victim of burglary, the cameras can help capturing the criminals.

Security cameras also allow you to keep an eye on your children and pets while you’re at work. Most security systems have a remote monitoring feature and you can use this to check in on them from time to time.

2. Improve your outdoor lighting.

Your outdoor areas should be well-lighted to effectively deter criminals. Lights can indicate that there are people in your home, and can help clearly see any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood. Potential criminals prefer to rob dim areas than fully lighted ones to allow them go undetected.

Make sure all entry points are well-lit, especially the parts with shadows. You can also report to local officials if your neighbourhood has insufficient lighting. Get involved with them and the neighbours to garner support for your cause.

3. Improve your home’s visibility.

Make sure your home is visible from the road or from your neighbour’s home to improve security. If not, you can change your landscaping as a safety precaution. An out-of-sight area in your house can be a hiding spot for thieves, and it can prevent your neighbours from spotting suspicious behaviour around your property.

You can trim large bushes, overgrown shrubs or trees to prevent them from blocking the view. You can also improve lighting in certain areas for improved visibility.

4. Hide expensive items.

Avoid placing expensive items near the yard or windows. High-value items like electronics can easily attract criminals passing by. You can also consider hiding some valuables in the cupboard, sink or false trash can bottom, as these are places not usually rummaged by robbers. There are false containers that can be purchased and can help in hiding smaller valuables.

You can also consider the back of the freezer as a good place to store documents. Other places include house plants, floor safe, or a false wall outlet. Just avoid areas that can damage your things like containers with water, dirt and others.

5. Install motion detectors.

Most professional home security systems today have built-in motion detectors to alert you of any movement around your home. You can also customise particular areas in need of surveillance. Motion sensors also deter potential thieves, making them one of the best precautionary measures you can have to secure your home.

Motion detectors can also help in protecting you from wild animals like coyotes, raccoons, bears and mountain lions searching for food. They’ll be scared away by the exterior lighting from the sensors as they approach your home.

6. Lock your doors.

Obviously we all need to lock our doors, but some people have become complacent in locking their front doors or garage. Consider the different types of locks such as a multi-point lock, smart lock, cylinder lock or deadbolt lock. Since doors are one of the first things criminals try to break into, make sure your locks are not loose or too easy to pull open.

7. Reinforce your door.

Door reinforcements like screws for plates and hinges, metal sleeve inserts or extended steel strike plates can make your door withstand any breaking and entering attempt. Choosing the right material for your door can also help, as stronger doors can’t easily be broken down with force.

Solid core doors are great for providing insulation and minimising sounds. Solid wood and steel doors are some of the best options that homeowners can consider having.

8. Meet the neighbours.

Forming good relationships with your neighbours not only enriches your social life, but also serves as an extra home protection. Your neighbours are more likely to notice if someone unfamiliar is lurking around. If you’re on vacation, they can watch over your house and call the police if something happens.

9. Don’t share too much.

Be careful about saying too much about your home or vacation plans either personally or through social media. Sharing your daily schedule or expensive purchases can attract thieves and help in their break-in plans. Think twice before posting and remember to keep your personal details offline.

Also, be cautious of people who ask too many questions about your home layout, schedule or security system. You might be talking with someone hatching a plan to rob your house.

10. Cover up your windows.

Avoid letting people see the inside of your home through clear windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows or glass sliding doors are beautiful, but potential thieves can easily see valuable items or if anyone is home. A quick solution is to use heavy curtains to cover up the windows and prevent thieves from “window shopping” in your home.

You can also opt for frosted windows, window screens or privacy films for added security. Also, don’t forget to invest in window locks and security bars that can help in protecting your home. They’re affordable, easy to use and withstands force that a burglar can use.

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