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Wonder Why A Burglar Might Choose Your House?

by | May 9, 2017 | News | 0 comments

study of WA prison detainees by the Australian Institute of Criminology found most burglaries were opportunistic with a number of preventable factors determining which homes would be targeted.

In most cases burglars chose easy to access properties, sought to be in & out of the property in minutes with the intention to locate goods that could be disposed of easily.

80% of the burglars stated they would only target properties that were easy to access with their main concerns being:

1. No Alarm or CCTV system installed

2. No dogs

3. Visibility of desired goods to steal

4. Absence of signs of movement & occupation

5. No response after knocking on doors

6. Proximity & visibility of neighbours

7. Open doors/windows.
Anything you can do to address these factors will see 80% of burglars pass your house by & look towards another.

One tip we have, on top of getting a top quality Alarm and CCTV System of course, is to make sure you utilise the security features already at your property. An often overlooked security feature is your side fencing and gate. Simply by keeping this gate locked you prevent easy access to the more private parts of your property and this alone can be enough of a factor to make a potential burglar pass your home by.


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