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CCTVs as Crime Deterrents: Do They Really Work?

by | Jun 23, 2021 | News | 0 comments

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that 238,100 households experienced a break-in from 2019 to 2020. In the same period, 185,800 homeowners saw signs of attempted burglaries.

If you were a victim of a burglary in the past or are someone who wants to add an extra layer of protection around your home, then you should invest in a proper home security system like closed-circuit television (CCTV). CCTVs are effective in deterring burglaries, according to thieves themselves. In fact, former burglars say that security cameras and barking dogs are the best defences against theft and home break-ins.

Do Security Cameras Prevent Home Burglaries?

CCTV effectiveness in deterring crime is notable. Security cameras have been proven to prevent burglaries. And, even if thieves do break in to loot your home, their faces will be caught on camera, so they’ll be easy to identify later. Because of this risk, they are more likely to target houses with no visible CCTVs.

The mere presence of outdoor CCTV has proven a great deterrent against would-be burglars from breaking into homes, which is why some houses have fake security cameras.

However, we don’t recommend that you rely solely on dummy cameras for your home’s security. Although they can be effective against inexperienced burglars, they won’t work against more experienced thieves. It’s still wise to invest in a functional video surveillance system. This way, you have a way of identifying the culprit in case you do experience a burglary.

Do CCTVs Reduce Crime?

Because security cameras deter burglars, they do have an impact on crime rates. A study based on 40 years of evaluation research showed that CCTVs caused a notable reduction in crime rates. Crime decreased by 13 percent in areas with security cameras compared to control areas.

The study also found that the crime reduction effect of security cameras is most evident in car parks, with residential areas placing second.

These figures prove that video surveillance systems are worth the investment, whether you’re installing them in your home or in a commercial space. Additionally, CCTVs are not only beneficial to the property owners, but they also help make entire neighbourhoods safer, which contributes to residents’ peace of mind.

Security Cameras for Homes

Other than deterring criminal activity, one of the biggest benefits of having functional home CCTV cameras is lower insurance rates.

Some home insurance companies offer discounts if you have security features in your house, such as surveillance cameras, outdoor lighting and smoke detectors, among others. These features make your property less of a target for criminal activity, so the firm is taking on less risk in insuring you.

This means that a part of your return on investment for the CCTV installation comes in the form of home insurance savings.

Security Cameras for Commercial Spaces

Commercial CCTV cameras offer a wealth of benefits. Aside from preventing burglaries, they also discourage vandalism and malicious property damage, which translates into maintenance and repair cost savings.

Outdoor security cameras also allow you to keep track of who goes in and out of the property, so you can easily spot any suspicious people and have them leave the premises immediately if necessary. You’ll also have a way of reviewing and identifying people who entered the establishment in the event of theft or any criminal activity.

Having security cameras offers benefits in terms of insurance concerns, too. They can lead to reduced premiums and help make claims processes easier and faster for you.

Commercial properties also benefit from having indoor CCTVs. They let you monitor your employees’ performance and make sure that everyone’s doing their job. You can use the cameras to ensure staff safety, as well. You’ll be able to see if they’re following safety protocols and identify workplace hazards that increase the risk of accidents.

Finally, commercial CCTVs can help with your reputation as a business. If you’re operating an establishment where lots of people come and go in a day, having security cameras installed where they can be seen will make them feel safer. For your part, the extra security measure will show people that your business cares about the welfare of its customers.

Parking spaces, restaurants and retail stores are some of the commercial properties that definitely need security cameras.

Investing in Security Cameras

Ultimately, security cameras are well worth the investment, both for residential and commercial spaces. They provide your property with an additional level of security, so you can rest assured that you’re still keeping an eye on your belongings even when you’re asleep or away. For commercial property owners, CCTVs also help make sure that your business is operating according to standards.

Remember to source your security cameras from reputable distributors to guarantee their performance. You also want to buy from a provider who’ll assist you with the placements and installation of the cameras, especially if you’re covering a huge space.

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