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With crime in WA running rampant it is important that you are doing everything possible to improve your home and business security. In 2016 alone there were over 200 incidents of burglary in Osborne Park alone without including surrounding areas.

Installing a quality Security Alarm System, CCTV Camera System or Access Control System will dramatically decrease your chance of being affected and especially if combined with alarm monitoring will give you the peace of mind that you need not face these occurrences alone.


Why You Need Improved Security

1. WA Crime is on the rise
2. 80% of burglars report forgoing locations that have visible security to concentrate on easier targets
3. Not all stealable items can be replaced
4. Most insurers offer steep discounts on well secured locations with Alarm Systems present
5. Peace of mind is priceless

How We Can Help

At SMS Security we are locally based and have been providing and installing quality alarm systems since 2006. We have thousands of satisfied clients around Perth and as well as being residential security experts service a large number of 24/7 gyms, banks, jewellery stores, pharmacies and even gold-mines and other commercial entities that require the utmost in service, quality and reliability.

To move forward with your security needs and discover all that we can do please call on 08 9302 0000 and our Police Licensed Security Professionals will be happy to answer your every enquiry.

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