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Security Systems Midland

Installing Quality Alarms & CCTV Systems in Midland

Here at SMS Security, we specialise in Security Systems for both home and business servicing in and around Midland as well as throughout the Perth metro area.

We offer our customers the industry’s longest genuine warranty (5 Year Parts & 2 years Labour), source our security products from North America and the UK so you get the leading edge in technology AND reliability and all of our sales consultants and installers are appropriately licensed by the West Australian Police Department for their duties.


Why You Need Improved Security

    1. WA Crime is on the rise
    2. 80% of burglars report forgoing locations that have visible security to concentrate on easier targets
    3. Not all stealable items can be replaced
    4. Most insurers offer steep discounts on well secured locations with Alarm Systems present
    5. Peace of mind is priceless

    Crime In Perth – On The Rise Again

    Benefits Of Our Security Systems

    We install Home Alarm Systems, Commercial Alarms, and CCTV Camera Systems. The essential products that will make the difference between your home or business being burgled and the thieves being scared off before you experience a large loss or any loss at all.

    Our recommended Perimeter Alarm Systems, when armed, will sound when a door or window is forced, creating an instant alert that notifies you of danger BEFORE entry is obtained and better yet, if monitored, will ensure an emergency response is en-route with a much enhanced chance of catching the intruder in the act.

    CCTV Security Cameras can provide evidence of a break-in at your business and be used to put off and monitor theft from employees and customers. This evidence can then be use to bolster your claim when filing for insurance coverage so you get the compensation you need. While you may not be able to replace everything that was stolen or destroyed, at the very least it will help contain the loss.

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