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Protect Your Business From Burglars

Margaret River is located South of Perth, calling home to some of the best wineries and beaches in the country. Being surrounded by beauty, Margaret Rivers economy has also blossomed. Once you set up a business, you have to take the necessary precautions to protect your assets and create a safe environment for your employees. Replacing smashed windows or broken doors along with stolen goods could cost you a lot of money. Although incidents of crime are recorded all across the country, Western Australia has a high rate of reported burglaries. There have been 21 burglaries in the Margaret River from Jan 2016- Oct 2016.

Don’t let your business run into losses because of break-ins. Keep our safety tips in mind to secure your office and ward off burglars.

Tips to Safeguard your Business

1. Look for weaknesses
Take a walk around your office or property and look for areas of weakness. If you see damaged or worn out doors and windows with poor locks, replace them. Secure all entry and exit points with the latest security systems. When possible, set up automated systems that only allow authorised personnel to enter/exit the premises with a passcode or swipe card.

2.Install a Video Surveillance System
A good video surveillance system allows you to see what’s going on your property, even when you’re away. With the latest cloud technologies, you can get immediate notifications on your phone and have live access to your cameras. The video that’s recorded is stored in the cloud. You’ll have sufficient evidence to pursue a formal police investigation. Burglars are also less likely to trespass properties that have active CCTVs and motion sensors installed. So it pays to invest in a good commercial security system.

3.Advertising Your Surveillance System
Once you have a security system in place, make sure you post signs all around your property, letting others know about the system. It does help in keeping perpetrators off your premises.

4. Restricted Key System
Go one step further and install a restricted key system so a nominated locksmith can cut the key. Duplicate keys will only be given to authorised staff. The restricted key system gives you better access and control. It’s thus important to add this extra layer of protection to your security system.

If you need to install a home or commercial security system in Margaret River, Western Australia, get in touch with the experts at SMS Security. Your security is our business. We’ve been installing security systems and burglar alarms for over 25 years. From wireless security systems to perimeter alarms, we have them all.

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