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Home security mistakes can happen from time to time, leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins and thefts. To prevent potential home security risks, find out what are the most common security mistakes and learn how to avoid them. According to crime statistics published by Western Australia Police, there were 42 dwellings burgled from Jan 2016 – Oct 2016 in Collie. Take matters into your hands and avoid making mistakes that will cost you dearly.

Common Home Security Mistakes To Avoid

Failing to Install CCTV on Your Property
If you don’t install CCTV on your property, then you’re leaving your home vulnerable to security threats. When you install CCTV, you get to keep an eye on your kids, pets, even trespassers. The cameras will discourage burglars or intruders. You can also capture CCTV footage and use it as evidence in an investigation. Modern CCTV systems allow you to view recordings on your phones or computers. You’ll be immediately alerted if the camera picks up any suspicious activity.

Using a Fake Security System
Burglars are intelligent enough to distinguish real security cameras from fake ones. Get the peace of mind you deserve by installing a real security system in your home.

Leaving Doors and Windows Unlocked
Even if you’ve installed a CCTV system, don’t forget to shut your doors and windows to stop burglars from getting in. It doesn’t matter if you’re stepping out for just a few minutes. Thieves watch you long enough to know when and how to plan a break-in.

Failing to Install a Secure Gate
Your home is vulnerable to theft if you don’t install a secure gate on your property. If burglars gain access to your driveway, they will attempt to steal your vehicle. It’s important, therefore, to consider installing a gate that can only be opened with a passcode or a swipe card. Also, avoid parking your car in the driveway and if you have to do so, install a wheel clamp, so your vehicle remains secure.

Failing to Trim Overgrown Plants Outside your Home
Overgrown branches and trees become excellent hiding places for burglars. They could hide behind large plants and watch your every move without your knowledge. Make sure you prune your plants regularly.

Although the police are doing their best to keep crime levels low in Collie, Western Australia, home burglaries still happen every month. Don’t become a victim of home or motor vehicle theft. Get in touch with SMS Security and find the right security solution for your family.

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