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Cases of residential assault often occur as a result of burglaries. The experience of being robbed and assaulted is traumatic for victims who are left feeling violated, confused, and emotionally scarred. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, residential burglaries are one of the common crimes in Australia. There are more than 200,000 recorded break-ins in Australia every year, which is why it’s so important to take your home’s security seriously. From January to October 2016, the police recorded 14 residential burglaries in Capel, Western Australia and 20 other break ins that weren’t a home or dwelling. So how likely is it that your home could be broken into this year? It’s a possibility that you shouldn’t ignore.

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Why Install Security Systems?

That’s why it’s best to install a fully functional home security system that will record footage and discourage perpetrators The average loss of money/valuables per burglary amounts to approximately $1,725. Homes without security devices are three times as likely to be broken into in contrast to those that have proper cameras or CCTVs in place.
What’s even more shocking is that 20 percent of homes burgled in Australia are broken into more than once. Wireless security cameras with motion sensors may help ward off burglars, but despite 24/7 home surveillance, break-ins can still occur. When you rely on wireless home security systems, you can protect yourself and your family from encountering a break-in. Wireless systems send you alerts, images or footage directly to your smartphone. The notifications you receive will help you get the police involved at the earliest possible point. It will also stop you from coming home to a dangerous situation.
Capturing footage is imperative because it helps police identify the criminal much faster. You might even be lucky enough to get your valuables back if they’re able to find the perpetrator soon.

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Cloud Based Security

Cloud-enabled wireless technology allows you to capture and store live feeds on the cloud. So you’ll have secure back-up of the footage to present to the police if required. The best part about the cloud is that you get to keep an eye on your home from any location.
Reduce your risk of burglary by installing the latest burglar alarms and locks. For all your security alarm needs in Capel, Western Australia, get in touch with the professionals at SMS Security. We have a broad range of wireless security systems, perimeter alarm systems, and motion sensor security systems for sale in Capel, WA.


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