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Safety Medical Tracker

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Introducing the Safety Medical Tracker

Because you can’t always be at your loved one’s side to provide the help they need, the Safety Medical Tracker is at hand.


The Safety Medical Tracker (SMT) provides:

  • Urgent two-way communication with a qualified operator when the user is in need
  • Precise location tracking
  • Geo-fencing to provide alerts when the wearer crosses out of a predetermined area

This vital help may include:

  • Calling an ambulance
  • Contacting carers
  • Providing reassurance & directions

Practical Assistance When It Is Needed

We can also let you know where your loved one is, either in an emergency or if they are lost. Better still – it works all over Australia, not just at home, so this new level of safety can go with your loved one wherever they go.

Use if:

  • You’re unwell
  • Your safety is threatened
  • Any time you need someone’s help
  • When you’d like reassurance that help is just a quick button press away
How It Works

Do you think the SMT could provide a benefit to your own or a loved one’s life?

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