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Commercial Fire Monitoring Perth

Fire Monitoring Services for Commercial Establishments in Perth

Commercial Fire Monitoring

Cut Your Fire Monitoring Bill In Half

Are you currently paying two separate bills for Fire & Security Monitoring or would Fire Monitoring be of benefit to your business?

Most businesses that use fire monitoring services do so with two distinct systems – a Security Monitoring System and a separate Fire Monitoring System with both monitored and responded to by two separate monitoring stations.

This adds cost and complexity that is absolutely unnecessary now that SMS Security & Fire can provide both monitoring services through a single point of contact via our own A1 Rated Monitoring Centre.

With SMS Security & Fire handling your fire monitoring service, we can work with your business to ensure that your fire alarm monitoring meets appropriate standards, that your alarm equipment is used to its full potential to monitor fire events and that any separate fire monitoring hardware (if present) is connected and reporting to the same monitoring centre.

The benefit to you and your business is both in convenience and cost with monitoring and installation costs less than half that of traditional fire monitoring and parallel separate security monitoring.

For most new businesses or business relocations, a separate fire monitoring system is usually unnecessary as our modern alarm equipment is designed with the capability to meet both security and fire monitoring needs.


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