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Pros And Cons Of DIY Security Cameras

by | Jan 24, 2023 | News

Protecting your home is a natural priority, with property owners and renters concerned about the recent rise in burglaries, break-ins, and property damage. Finding a reliable security camera system is the first step to keeping your building and all residents safe from harm.

However, without the correct security camera installation there will be little to prevent criminals from targeting your home; particularly without recorded evidence to show law enforcement.

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of carrying out a DIY installation of residential security cameras and the benefits of working with established security experts in Perth.

Installing home security cameras

Whether you live in a remote area or want to increase existing security in the suburbs, finding the best security camera systems is only one part of this important project. Ensuring your security technology is correctly installed – including location, configuration, wireless connectivity when applicable, and ongoing repairs – is essential for optimum functionality and efficiency.

Regardless of your desired form of security – residential alarm systems and security cameras installation to fire alarms and residential CCTV security systems – the process can be time-consuming and tricky to navigate without experience.

The pros and cons of DIY security camera installation

Trying a DIY installation of residential security camera can be tempting, but is it worth it if the results are unreliable? Here are the pros and cons of DIY security camera systems are laid out for you:


  • Small living spaces with minimal exterior exposure, like apartments, may be sufficiently protected with DIY security systems
  • Lower upfront costs accompany lower-tech security without professional installs
  • Trying out outdoor security with a starter DIY kit can be a good way to test the benefits of added security
  • DIY alternatives tend to be wireless; ideal for when you move house


  • DIY cameras are more likely to malfunction costing more in the long run, whereas expert installation of the best home security camera system includes plenty of support
  • Superior security systems have longer warranties than DIY alternatives
  • Installing cameras in the wrong location due to inexperience will not offer sufficient protection
  • DIY security cameras tend to need self-monitoring – a time-consuming option without connection to an exterior security company
  • Large properties or facilities need extensive security systems that are time-consuming or complicated to install alone
  • Many DIY cameras do not offer cloud storage to help with management, control, and viewing videos externally from your smartphone or laptop.

The importance of professional security camera system installation

Many of us wouldn’t attempt to install new plumbing or electrics, and reliable security cameras aren’t much different. Acquiring professional installation services, along with the best security camera systems on the market, is an investment in the security and safety of your home and loved ones.

Certified security experts are adept at efficient consultations, installations, repairs and ongoing maintenance, as well as advise on the best camera for your home, needs, and budget.

Choosing the best home security camera system for you

SMS Security is a renowned provider of CCTV cameras and home security monitoring systems, helping valued customers choose from leading brands to ensure 24/7 protection plus full tech support from an experienced team.

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