Alarm System Components

Perth Alarm System Components

Passive Infrared Detectors

A standard feature in most home alarm systems a Passive Infrared burglar alarm sensor reacts when a change of temperature passes through a background of a fixed temperature. All home alarm system installations by SMS Security include pet sensitive detectors as standard to ensure you don’t get false alarms from any pets you may have now or in the future.

Alarm Keypad


Your user interface & control panel for arming and de-arming. We will provide you with full instructions and training to ensure you get the most out of it and can arm and dis-arm, partial arm and add, change and delete user codes.

Alarm Control Panel


The brains of the system. The Control Panel connects to all of your alarm sensors, sirens and keypad and co-ordinates and monitors communication between them. Usually located out of sight in a cupboard or robe.

External Siren


The external siren, usually located in visible part at the front of your property. Our attractive models have unique sounds and flashing patterns to indicate the nature of the emergency (e.g. fire or break in).

Internal Siren


The internal sounder emits noise within your home when the alarm is activated scaring the burglar from his activities.

Magnetic Reed Switches


Reed switches are used to protect storage spaces, garages and doors. A sealed reed switch and magnet are paired together on either side of the protected entryway and upon their separation, an alarm will signal and the Security Monitoring Centre will be notified of the intruder detection.

Glass Break Detectors


An integral part of Perimeter defence systems glass break detectors work by responding to the sound or shockwave produced by glass breaking. An alarm signals when the window is struck with force ensuring the alarm is signalled BEFORE the intruder has gained entry to your home.

Seismic Detectors



Seismic detectors can provide a high level of security to protect against invasion. Also known as vibration detectors, these sensors react to attempts by burglars to force entry. The sensor can detect striking and drilling of surfaces and will signal the alarm when activated.

Alarm Remote


A handy little device similar to the wireless remote lock for your car. Use it to arm and disarm your system remotely – we can even program it to cover your garage and gate too.

Beam Sensors


Beams are a combination of a transmitter and a receiver that are aligned to send an unbroken signal between them. This can be across a few metres along a door or window or even over hundreds of meters of space to protect a larger area. When line of sight between the beams is broken then the alarm is sounded.

Smoke Alarms


Smoke alarms can be connected to your security systems so that the control centre can be notified in the case of a fire. This added level of protection could save your life when at home and/or protect your home while you are away.

Industrial Alarms


There are a large variety of sensors that can be connected to your alarm system and monitored including gas, water, power, chlorine, smoke and temperature monitoring devices. To find out what is possible simply give us a call.

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