Making Sense of CCTV (Part I)

Meter Box Security

NBN Alarm Monitoring

Power Outages And Your Alarm

Learn the Truth Behind Common Myths About Burglary

Keep Your Home Safe Whilst Travelling

Why We Recommend Security Monitoring

Making Sense Of Your CCTV Options Have you seen a plethora of CCTV offers in the market and been confused at the spread of pricing & providers? In this month’s post we provide a run down of the basics and what

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What would you do if your power was suddenly cut? Nine out of ten respond to us they would head straight to their meter box to identify the cause. That seems quite reasonable but what if the power had been

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Are you getting connected to the NBN? If you currently subscribe to an Alarm Monitoring Service odds are you are going to need to make a change to your Alarm System. For most customers, the NBN entirely replaces any existing

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In Perth with its summer and winter storms it is not uncommon to experience intermittent power outages that may affect your security system in negative ways. During a power outage, your alarm relies on battery power to maintain its operation

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Why We Monitor We offer Security Monitoring to residents and businesses throughout Perth & Western Australia. We recommend Monitored Security, not just because it’s our specialty but because there are compelling reasons for having your security system Monitored by a

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