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In a further deep dive into CCTV this post we resolve the two greatest CCTV myths.

Myth #1: A CCTV System Will Solve All Your Security Problems

Whilst CCTV Systems get press as the latest line in home & business defence they should not be relied upon as your only source of security. Believe it or not, not all would be burglars are deterred by the presence of CCTV. Masks, hats or hoodies are easy means to avoid being recognised.

On its own a CCTV System will not emit an alarm to deter intruders nor signal the police or your monitoring station that a crime is in progress and it is for this reason that insurance companies generally do not provide discounts for the presence of CCTV on its own and restrict their biggest discounts for the presence of a professionally monitored alarm system.

Myth #2: More Megapixels = Better CCTV

1, 2, 4, 6, 8… it seems every year we get a new CCTV product on the market with a higher pixel count seeking to take the limelight as the hands down best security solution. Don’t fall into that trap: there is both an advantage and a disadvantage to higher megapixels. Advantage first – provided there is sufficient light in the scene a quality higher megapixel camera can resolve detail from further away that a camera with a lower megapixel count. Your average 8 megapixel camera in daylight conditions should reliably be able to resolve facial detail at 15m where a 1 megapixel camera might top out at 6m. The disadvantage? As well as placing increased load on your storage system cameras with higher megapixel counts (usually paired to similar sized sensors as their lower megapixel counterparts) resolve their extra detail at the cost of reduced light sensitivity.

Take the shot below of one of our team members returning to his home fitted 8MP cameras. In order to resolve sufficient illumination within the scene the camera is required to take a longer exposure, causing any movement to be recorded as a blur. Had a smaller megapixel camera been used, whilst the detail within the image would be reduced, a faster exposure would have eliminated any blur. It is for this reason we most often look at installations with 2~3 megapixel resolutions, resolutions which provide sufficient detail for facial & license plate recognition at a distance whilst still maintaining sufficient responsiveness and clarity at night.

For help working out the best CCTV solution for your needs always remember SMS Security. We work exclusively with world leading Dahua Security Cameras and have a range of systems to suit every possible need with specialist staff working across both residential & commercial applications.

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