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Security is a crucial feature in every building. With around 2.4% of Australian households experiencing a home burglary in 2021, it’s no wonder CCTV cameras are in demand.

Installing security camera systems in Perth needs careful consideration and planning. They are your eyes and ears when you are not around. Not positioning your CCTV cameras in the best possible location may render them useless.

Here are some tips on how to position CCTV cameras.

Security Camera Systems Perth: How to Position Your CCTV Correctly

The three most relevant factors to keep in mind when installing a CCTV system are:

  • Security and monitoring – Installing cameras means covering all points of entry where trespassers have access, like doors, windows and ground levels. Monitoring both indoor and outdoor spaces will prevent occurring incidents.
  • Field of view – The field of view refers to everything the camera can see and capture. Often expressed as a numbered angle, there are a few catches when deciding on the field of view.
    A smaller field of view allows the camera to register actions that are further away. To decide on the combination of focal length and field of view, you need to determine the viewing angle.
  • Viewing angles- Security cameras in Perth provide several viewing angles based on the fields of view. The Standard angle has a field of view up to 60 degrees. A wide angle is up to 110 degrees and a super-wide-angle is up to 180 degrees field of view while creating a fisheye effect.

Aside from these three major factors above, other things to consider include the following:

Room Position

Choosing the best place to install a camera is imperative. Corners are always the primary choice. Any other place would cause distortion and deliver ineffective results.

If installed outdoors, place the camera on the edge of a wall. This type of positioning covers the maximum amount of space. Make sure to avoid blind spots that are hard for cameras to capture.

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Right Height

It is always a great option to cover both indoor and outdoor areas of your home or business.

We recommend a high and hip-level position where cameras are installed high in a corner and pointed at a downward angle. The hip-level height works best for living rooms and other wide spaces. You may also use it to oversee your driveway or front yard.

Reliable CCTV Camera Installation in Perth

Selecting the best security camera systems in Perth involves finding the right positions, angles and camera quality. Proper cleaning and maintenance are also required for the whole system to function properly.

If you’re looking for high-quality CCTV camera installation in Perth, SMS Security is at your service. Trust us to provide the ideal security system for your home or business.

Contact our team today to get a quote.

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