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Getting the Right Security Solution

There are a world of security options out there that run the gamut on price and level of security provided: Monitored Alarms, HD CCTV, Access Control and Perimeter Defence Systems at the high end through to Basic Alarms and even Fake Security Products at the low end. If you’re trying to save a buck on security what is your best option?

Fake Security Products

A set of 4 fake cameras that can be purchased from Bunnings for around $60

* Cheap
* Offers a very small level of deterrence
* May deter an inexperienced first time burglar
* No false alarms

* Offers a very small level of deterrence
* Will not deter experienced burglars
* Will not notify security professionals or police in break-in or emergency event
* Signifies to burglars that overall level of security is low
* You have no idea your security is breached when in the home or arriving home increasing risk of exposure to violence

Our DSC 3 Detector Monitored Security Alarm

Available from us from $599 + monitoring contract

* Provides a high level of deterrence
* Minimises time available to burglar if break in attempted
* Siren will alert neighbours
* Receive ongoing professional guidance from security professionals and assistance in emergency
* Minimise physical risk

* Greater financial commitment than fake security products
* Investment required beyond initial cash outlay

The Down-low On Your Security Options

If your looking to get the best possible security at the lowest cost a Monitored 3 Detector Alarm really should be your starting point. A Non-Monitored Alarm provides a degree of security but won’t provide you with notification while you are outside the home or ensure that security professionals are dispatched to your home in a time of need.

Fake Security Products whilst cheap, offer a dangerous downside: they won’t deter an experienced burglar who can easily spot a fake and will actually broadcast that the property is unprotected. In extreme cases this can expose home owners to physical danger and so cannot be recommended by any security professional.

When your friends and family are considering their security options be sure to discourage anything less than a functional alarm – compromising safety for the sake of saving a few dollars just isn’t worth it.

For more tips and advice or for anything security related call SMS Security, the Police Licensed Security Professionals on (08) 9202 3822.

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