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We provide the very best in CCTV with:

  1. Unparalleled clarity and connectivity from the latest high definition IP CCTV technology
  2. Obtain additional security and monitoring capabilities beyond an alarm
  3. Identify who is at your door or sensitive areas of your property
  4. Assist in the identification and arrest of perpetrators of illegal activity
Whether for home or business CCTV surveillance systems are a recognised way to deter crime as they allow for footage of the perpetrators to be collected and used for identification and prosecution. Get the leg up on criminals and go with the best CCTV Systems in Perth. See some of our current CCTV Specials by following this link: SECURITY SPECIALS




At SMS Security we work closely with our clients in order to identify the important areas to be observed, what in particular is to be identified and the length and type of recording process required. We use recognised industry standard security equipment available from our suppliers to ensure we respond to customer’s needs quickly and efficiently and can back all of our CCTV Perth installations with a comprehensive 2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty.

Our Class Leading Dahua CCTV Systems use only the highest quality HD cameras (up to 4 Megapixel and above) which will last longer, give great clarity day or night and allow for future expandability. We supply 3TB of storage space as standard and set you up with remote access to your video feeds from your computer and smartphone and tablet device.

Why SMS Security for CCTV?

We have installed hundreds of CCTV Systems in Perth and are the only Perth Security Installer that will provide:

  1. Pet Sensitive Motion Detectors and 64 Zone Security Alarm Panels as Standard
  2. A 24 Month CCTV Perth Parts & 24 Month Labour Warranty
  3. Police Licensed Alarm Installers Not Salespeople
  4. Quality UK and North American Equipment
  5. Optional A1 Graded Local Alarm Monitoring
  6. Hassle Free Warranty Service
  7. Contracted & Non-Contracted Offerings
  8. Over the Phone & On Site Security Quotations
  9. Competitive Pricing
  10. Polite & Friendly Service

Your CCTV Camera Options:

IP Cameras – The latest camera technology –  IP cameras allow for the recording and viewing of clear live video feeds over the internet using secure internet protocols. This camera type gives the ultimate in picture quality and clarity and allows for clear zooming of to aid identification.

Internal Analogue Dome Cameras – These cameras can have a fixed lens or variable focal lens that allow the picture to be adjusted to get the view required. These cameras can operate in low light and can change from colour to black and white picture as light levels lower.

Infra Red (IR) Cameras –Infra Red cameras have LED’s around the camera lens that provide light when dark so that a picture can still be seen, thus allowing for better surveillance in dark areas.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras (PTZ) – PTZ cameras can be manually or sensor controlled to move left to right (pan), tilt up and down and also zoom into and focus on an object of interest.

We recommend Dahua HD CCTV Camera Systems

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Our experienced Police Licensed security consultants will bring you up to speed with the latest developments in CCTV Camera Systems. Give us a call to see how you can increase the security and protection of your home and business with a quality CCTV system from SMS Security.

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