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Wireless Security Alarms Perth

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  1. For renters or temporary installations where less system wiring is favoured for easier portability
  2. 64 Zone Alarm Panel for future expansion & upgradeability
  3. 3-99 Pet Friendly Wireless Motion Detectors for coverage of vulnerable areas
  4. 5 Year Parts & 2 Year Labour Warranty
  5. Includes full Service & Support
  6. Add Vibration Sensors for a Wireless Perimeter Alarm System
Wireless security systems are ideal for renters and temporary installations where added security is required without a complex installation.

Our Wireless Security Alarms are portable from home to home & office to office and do not require a fixed telephone line to operate. They are simple to install and easy to maintain and differ from standard Alarm Systems in that the motion sensors are battery powered rather than hard-wired to the location. This can reduce installation costs and provide the benefit of portability but does result in the requirement to change batteries periodically at added cost.

We use only high quality long-life batteries in our Wireless Alarm installations in Perth and provide a battery replacement service as part of our service offering.

To discuss your situation & obtain the latest Wireless Alarm pricing be sure to contact us and ask about our No Interest Ever Payment Plans or review our other security options.

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